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Terms and Conditions

-        Introduction

-        Booking and Payment

-        Tour Description

-        Contracting Parties

-        Passenger Responsibilities

-        Extra Activities and Excursions

-        Insurance

-        Cancelations and/or Changes

-        Baggage Allowance






These terms and conditions apply to all services and sales offered by Tourism Events Groningen. This document is valid effective immediately for the totality of all bookings made from this point in time.


By making a booking with us you are hereby accepting these terms and conditions.  This agreement involves the customer/passenger, (who we refer to as ‘you’), and Tourism Events Groningen. 


In these terms and conditions, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ refers to Tourism Events Groningen, while ‘you’ refers to the person making the booking as well as all the individuals who are included in the same booking. Thus, you and these individuals are required to accept and accede (acknowledge) these terms and conditions. Moreover, ‘participant’ involves you and any and all people who take part in purchasing. Lastly, TEG refers to as Tourism Events Groningen.



Booking and Payment


In order to make a booking and confirm your spot and seat on any trip with Tourism Events Groningen, you must provide full payment using any one of the available payment options. A booking done with Tourism Events Groningen is to be understood as receiving and collecting the full payment held directly by Tourism Events Groningen, or by one of our authorized payment partners.


All of the prices are solely stated, processed and collected in Euro (€) currency. Tourism Events Groningen is not liable for any charges related to currency conversion fees by 3rd party banks.


At the time of receiving a receipt of full payment, availability upon confirmation of your booking is at the attention of Tourism Events Groningen. Tourism Events Groningen will reserve, upon your selected trip, your seat. However, it is your responsibility as the customer to affirm the booking accuracy as well as the dates of travel.


Tourism Events Groningen will issue your booking confirmation and it will include your payment confirmation, passenger details, booking reference and, ticket. This ticket is your confirmation document and it is required access to the trip. Valid travel documents are required as well.


You will receive the necessary travel itinerary about a week before departure.After reservation you will receive confirmation from us, check whether the confirmation mentions the correct details.


Moreover, Tourism Events Groningen team member/staff can deny entry to the bus if the booking information does not align with information we have or is in violation of the terms and conditions.


In case of major changes in the foreign currency, we reserve the right to change our prices accordingly.



Tour Description


The trip description is subject to change and Tourism Events Groningen reserves the right to revise or modify the trips due to coincidental issues. Moreover, this includes cancellations. Regarding boarding places, We do not have long collection routes and we do not have any transfer points in the south of the country. We drive directly from the north to your holiday destination. 


Tourism Events Groningen provides round-trip transportation on a luxury tour bus.  Shared accommodation is not offered for day trips. Moreover, the travel allowances include your place in the coach, accommodation, meals as described during the trip. Table drinks, beverages on the way and the like are for the account of the user, as well as entrances, boat trips, mountain buses and the like.


In general, the hotels we are partnered with have double rooms. Therefore,  the trips are varied and thus, shared accommodation are provided. Single rooms. The single room supplement is available on request for each trip. Therefore, upon request, we can reserve a single room for you at your own costs. Below you can find the accommodation boards:


Full board = overnight stay / breakfast / lunch / dinner.

Half board = overnight stay / breakfast / evening dinner.

Bed and breakfast = overnight stay/breakfast.


All Tourism Events Groningen trips include a TEG Team Leader who is there to help you with basic information regarding your trip. The TEG Team Leader assists with check-ins at the accommodation connected to the trip and, imparting recommendations for the duration of your trip. TEG Team Leaders are not professional tour guides and are not held responsible in regards of providing guided excursions, walking tours or broad and all-encompassing knowledge on historical information or anything other than tips and recommendations for your trip.



Contracting Parties


Tourism Events Groningen functions as a booking agency and contracts directly with hostels, hotels, bed&breakfasts, coaches and other service providers. These 3rd party contractors and other service providers are subject to their terms and conditions and limitations of liability. Additionally, these limit or exclude liability in respect of death, personal injury, delay, and loss or damage to baggage. Tourism Events Groningen is not responsible or liable for any loss as a result of actions or as a result of any act or omission of any such 3rd parties.


Travel and accommodation are arranged and provided by Tourism Events Groningen and are contracted to 3rd party providers. These contractors are subject to their own terms and conditions, therefore, by booking and collecting your payment, you are in immediate acceptance and agreement to the terms and conditions in this document.



Passenger Responsibilities


For all trips mentioned in this guide (with the exception of air travel), you can suffice with a European identity card or a valid European passport. There is a visa requirement for Russia.

Non-residents of the EU should check for themselves whether they need a visa. The consequences of the missing travel document are entirely at your own risk.


Moreover, you comply with the laws and regulations of the countries you visit as well as complying with the authority of the TEG Team Leaders. Subsequently, the customs and foreign exchange restrictions are also included in complying. Choosing to not comply with this results in TEG Team Leader asking you to leave the trip. Thus, removing your ability to be eligible for refunds.


You are held responsible for any fines or penalties as well as the additional costs and legal consequences.


You accept and agree that these trips set up by Tourism Events Groningen are curated for students between the ages of 18 and 35. However, Tourism Events Groningen also does Family Trips where the age brackets are broader. You must give your real birth date when booking and failing to do so will result in denial of participation. Questions on the age groups are welcomed and can be discussed with a Tourism Events Groningen staff member.


Tourism Events Groningen is not responsible or held liable for (loss of) your personal belongings. You are responsible for your own belongings. Further, we cannot be held responsible for theft or any other damage to your personal belongings.


You are responsible for the special attention or assistance with regards to physical disability. We only provide special attention to those who have motion sickness and wish to sit at the front of the bus. You must send an email that we can reserve a spot for you at the front of the bus. If you do not experience any physical disabilities, but still wish to sit at the front then it will be at an extra charge. Please contact Tourism Events Groningen on this matter and the costs.


You also accept the use of your likeness for photographs and films while you are partaking in a Tourism Events Groningen trip. These images can be used for marketing purposes by Tourism Events Groningen. Moreover, these images can be used but are not limited to, flyers, brochures, websites, print media and promotional videos. Subsequently, these images can be used for publicity and advertising and Tourism Events Groningen will not obtain consent or payment for the usage of these images. If you would like to be excluded from this then explicitly inform the Tourism Events Groningen photographer on the trip and be aware of the camera and stay away from it.


If you use medication, it is advisable to take it with you in your hand luggage. For the sake of certainty, we also advise you to take the recipe with you.


We do not accept any responsibility and are not liable if for some reason there is a delay or the program cannot be fully implemented, nor for any damage or costs arising from this. If the participant does not make use of the means of transport provided by the tour operator, or on behalf of these, by means of transport made available by third parties, this shall be entirely for the account and risk of the participants.


Imperfections. We do everything possible to make your holiday run smoothly. If you discover an error or shortcoming during the trip, you must report this immediately to the hotelier, the guide or the driver. In almost all cases, your problem can then be solved immediately



Extra Activities and Excursions


On day trips one is free to participate in the excursions which are list separately at your own costs. TEG is not responsible for purchasing tickets or entry to any attractions or (extra) excursions unless stated otherwise. Tourism Events Groningen reserves the right for refusal of travel if you do not comply with payment for any additional activities/extras.


Any activities and excursions that are purchased by you are thus run by local operators of the country you are in, therefore you are subject to their terms and conditions.


The activities and excursions purchased through are subject to cancellation policy. Moreover, the purchases of activities and excursions during your trips are non-refundable and non-transferable.


You are held responsible for meeting the TEG Team Leaders or guides at the allocated meeting points and pick up points and time.


The images of the activities and exercised displayed on our website are an example and may differ from the actual product and/or service from photographs.





Go on holiday with good insurance. Cancellation insurance and travel accident, baggage and health insurance cost you relatively little.



Cancelations and/or Changes


Vouchers / Gift Certificates are non-refundable


It is possible to transfer a ticket to another person. Depending on the trip, this can be done by paying a change fee for each trip change. Please contact a Tourism Events Groningen staff member on the change fees.


It is possible to change the city of departure. However, this is subject to availability. This can be done by paying the difference fare (if there are any) and a change fee for each event. Subsequently, please contact a Tourism Events Groningen staff member on the difference fare and change fee. The excursions and activities cannot be changed.


Trips can be canceled or changed by Tourism Events Groningen due to lack of minimum number of participants or other unforeseen circumstances.


If the consumer decides to cancel the trip after paying, the refund will be as the following:


Days before the trip             percentage of the full price which will be returned 

31 days or more                            80%

30 to 25 days                                 60%

24 to 17 days                                 40%

16 to 8 days                                   20%

7 days until the day of departure       5%



Baggage Allowance


The luggage must not exceed the normal size and must be provided with labels, which are sent in advance by us. The drivers take care of loading and unloading the suitcases. Always ensure that your luggage is loaded into the coach.