Bottelroosstraat 3

9741 JD Groningen

The Netherlands

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Our Purpose

Tourism Events is a student community where we create events for students throughout the year. We target exchange students and communities that like to take part and enjoy some of our activities. Our goal is to organize trips throughout Europe and help you connect with other students. We provide qualified student tour guides to help you explore more. Let start traveling together!







The purpose of the Tourism Events is to explore and enjoy the places they have never been before. Different tourism associations all around Europe works with us. With this association, we are trying to make your journey comfortable. We want you to connect with yourself and others. We would love to know you as well as about the country where you come from during this travel.


It is always amazing to know more people and make new friends from different traditions and cultures. It is good to know that we all are different but still are same. Groningen was thus our first choice to start our company. It is a place where you see so many students from so many different nationalities. Thus we want you all to connect and get to know each other while exploring Europe.


Anyone, regardless of age group, you can join, suggest or take part in our tours. Together we can come up with an amazing destination and start our journey. Last but not the least we always try to offer the best quality for an affordable price so that you can save money.